How to Join

Who can join?

Seattle Families of Multiples (SFOM) membership is open to parents and guardians of multiples (twins, triplets, or more) — including parents who are currently pregnant with multiples — who reside in the greater Seattle area. Everyone must complete the New Member Application.

Membership Fees

The SFOM membership year is from June – May each year, though we welcome members to join any month of the year. Memberships expire or can be renewed at the end of May, regardless of the month in which you join.

Membership Year (06/01 – 05/31): $50.00*
Membership Half-Year (12/01 – 05/31): $25.00

*Thinking about joining in the spring? You don’t have to wait until June 1 to join! You can sign up for a Membership Year anytime after our spring sale, and your membership will be active immediately and through the upcoming membership year.

There are additional optional membership types available during the registration process:

Membership Renewal

Memberships to SFOM are hosted on a platform called NeonCRM and can be renewed each May.

Need to renew (or rejoin)?

Join Us Today

Complete the New Member Application to request a membership.

Still not sure about joining? Read more about What SFOM Offers. Or, come to a Year One meeting to learn more about SFOM, the community and resources we offer, and the benefits of membership.

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